Q: How do I become a distributor?
A:Check out our DISTRIBUTOR page or Contact Re-Clean @ 757-368-2694 and we will provide you with all the information needed to become a distributor.

Q: Are your products biodegradable?

A: All of our water based cleaners and dressings are. However, the solvent based products are not.

Q: Are Re-Clean products available at a retail outlet?
A: No, you must purchase our products from a distributor.  We are currently looking to branch out to online buying.

Q: Are your tire shines water resistant?
A: Yes they are! The cleaner the tire, the longer it lasts.

Q: How long do your waxes last?
A: Depending on how you store your vehicle and the weather, our waxes typically last 60-90+ days.

Q: Could you please recommend a good wax for older cars that I can apply by hand?
A: Our “Easy Touch Wax,” is a pure carnauba wax. Wet a wax applicator and apply a light coat of wax, wipe wax off with a clean microfiber.

Q: Do you have a product to remove bird dropping stains from my car and leave it looking new?
A: Yes! Our “Bugzoff,” where bugs don’t stand a chance!

Q: We have always used a clay bar before waxing any vehicle and were wondering if the clay bar will take off previously applied wax?

A: The clay will remove some of the previously applied wax. Our degreasers will remove all the previously applied wax.

Q: I waxed my car and buffed by hand. After a rain, a white residue of wax appeared. What caused this?

A: Sometimes a film residue can be left when removing the wax by hand. This is due to the fact your hand doesn’t apply equal pressure points and all the product isn’t removed although it appears to be gone. The residue appears when the wax dries completely. To remove, simply spray “Fancy Finish” on the residue and wipe off with a clean microfiber. This should remove any remaining residue and give your car the shine you are looking for.

Q: Can you wash microfiber towels?
A: Yes, but in cold water only with a mild detergent. Do not dry in a dryer. (Please note: once a microfiber is washed with soap you cannot use the microfiber on windows.)

Q: What products do you suggest using to keep my new car showroom clean?
A: Exterior: Wash & Wax: Use whenever washing the vehicle. “Fancy Finish”: use after washing vehicle between regular waxing. “Easy Touch Wax” when waxing the vehicle. “Tire Shine” tire dressing. Interior: “Extractor”: use on cloth seats for regular cleaning / stain removal. “Glass Cleaner”: use to clean glass. “Super Dress” All interior shine.

Q: What is Hazmat fee or surcharge and why do some products have it?
A: Some items are classified by the DOT (U.S. Dept. of Transportation) as CORROSIVE or FLAMMABLE, as such are designated as Hazardous Materials. Re-clean is certified with FedEx for Hazmat and Dangerous goods shipping and therefore are able to ship Hazardous Materials. However, per FedEx these items are subject to a Hazardous Materials Surcharge of $35 for each product (1 – 4 gals.) or  Five (5) Gallon Container. Rates may increase for products above five gallons.

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