Forty-five years ago, the Townley and Gattshall families came together with the thought of changing the automotive cleaning industry. Our plan was to supply professionals with the best cleaners on the market that would not only provide maximum results, but also save time, (and money), with the use of them.

From that idea, Tidewater Gook Chemicals was established in 1969. Since then many things have changed, (including our name), but not our mission to provide top of the line proprietary cleaners, waxes, degreasers and solvents that allow professionals to be both successful AND profitable. We do so by delivering the highest quality results for our clients, while saving them time, money and work with their use.


As a family owned and operated business, we believe that the “old-school” way of doing business, is still the best way to do business. Simply put, we deliver a superior product, with superior service, for superior results.



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